Financial astrology

J.P. Morgan, billionaire founder of what is now Chase Bank, once said “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” Morgan grew his huge fortune through stock market investments, often consulting astrologers to help him determine business decisions. In this century, many investors continue to follow Morgan’s lead, drawing on the “insider information” on planetary cycles offered by financial astrologers.

Financial astrologers use the natal charts of businesses in a similar way as other astrologers use an individual client’s birth chart. A newsletter published by a financial astrologer draws in part on more traditional business analysis techniques and reading of how approaching planetary transits will affect the natal charts of the companies involved.

In reading larger economic trends, financial astrologers also use tools such as the natal charts of countries and for currencies, such as the euro. They also analyze market history alongside planetary cycles to observe correlations. For instance, one financial astrologer has noted a connection between Mars retrograde periods and shifts in the gold market.

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