Meaning of the Runes

Runes images and meanings

Many cite the Roman historian Tacitus who, in his work Germania (written c.98 C.E.) wrote regarding the ancient Germanic tribes: “To omens and the drawing of lots they pay the very greatest attention. Their method of divining by the lot is simple. They lop a branch from a fruit tree and cut off the twigs: they mark these differently in order to distinguish them apart, and they then cast them loosely, at haphazard, on a white robe. Then the priest of the community, if it is going to be a public divination, or if a private one, the head of the household, offers a prayer to the gods, and turning up his eyes to heaven he draws three twigs, one at a time, and he interprets those which he has drawn according to the marks previously set upon them.” The early Germans used runes as a divinatory tool.

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