Past Life Regression

As counselors, coaches, body workers, healers, and therapists, we are constantly seeking new or alternative ways to assist our clients in their journey toward healing and self-discovery. Myriad tools and techniques are available, and new ones regularly emerge. Although the concept of reincarnation and the exploration of past lives have persisted throughout history, the use of past life regression as a therapy and personal growth tool has gained significant popularity since the latter part of the twentieth century. Once a mysterious subject rarely accessible to the public, past life regression appears with ever-increasing frequency in movies, on talk shows, in magazines and books, and, quite notably, in the therapy office. The techniques of past life regression can effectively support any complementary health practice, and also provide your client with valuable insights for self-awareness and healing.

The knowledge available concerning reincarnation and past life regression has changed and developed throughout the years. Although this work is at the leading edge of the subject to date, it is expected—and desirable—that the information contained herein will be superseded in the coming years as the knowledge and understanding of the universe we live in continues to advance.

Past Life Regression is a healing modality that uses mild and deep hypnosis (depending on the severity of the issue) to regress into past lives to generally see a happy past life or to address a particular issue that has a recurrence in the current life and that needs to be resolved at the subconscious mind level to improve situations of life at the conscious level.

In many cases, the health issues we experience in this life have roots that extend into other lifetimes. For this reason, past life regression can provide information important to healing physical symptoms.
Past life regression affords clients unique opportunities for greater understanding of patterns of behavior, relationships, health issues, life purpose, talents and interests, and recurring challenges. Past life exploration can expand their perspective of themselves, others, and the world at large.

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