Reiki for plants and animals

Reiki is more than just a tool for self-healing. Is a energy that connect us to more deeply with the Universe, and with all beings with wich we interact.
Watching your life grow and develop as your continual immersion in Reiki transforms your attitudes, values and beliefs. You can also give Reiki to animals and plants.
Brett Bevell is the author of The Reiki Magic Guide To Self Attunement, Reiki for Spiritual Healing, The Wizard’s Guide to Energy Healing, and Energy Healing For Everyone, and he wrote: “I often give Reiki to trees when Im walking, especially in a town or city where trees are cut off from forest or large natural areas. After some time, you can become sensitive to the fact that trees growing in a small patch of dirt near a sidewalk often have a fairly weak life force when compared to the energy of a tree in the woods. Trees, houseplants, and garden flowers can all use Reiki. And in given Reiki, the Reiki Flows through you so that you are also receiving it.

Animals are usually receptive to Reiki as well. I have donde Reiki on several dogs, wich have fallen asleep during a treatment. I just puts my hands where the animal will allow and let the Reiki flow..

Inanimate objets can be treated with Reiki to improve their functional capacity.”

Also some Reiki Masters as Walter Lubeck recommend long treatments of certains foods before eating to purify the body.

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