Talk to Angels

Anyone can speak with Angels. Be Still, Ask & Listen. It’s that easy.

Intention, Being Still, and Openness are the essential ingredients for Listening to Angels. Like anything else, Listening is a choice.

You have Free Will and are already exercising this Free Will through many decisions each and every day, made consciously and unconsciously by you.

Simply choose to Listen to angels ”here and now” while letting go to be still. You will hear us.

It may sound like your own voice back at you. Surprised? What do you think “intuition” often is?!

How to get there? Sit still and let go. Be true to your inner self. No thinking. Just breathe and be.

You already are an Olympian at letting go each day but do not realize exactly how and when it happens.

You ”let go” in more ways currently than you realize.

For example, you let go often to perform certain daily tasks or to fall asleep every night. Now do it consciously. If you are super still and relaxed, you may ”get” our personality, voice, humor and more.

Details beyond this are far less important than you think. This is also much simpler than many believe.

We will speak with you about Life, Love and more. Begin now letting go of worrying about any of this.

Trust in angels and your inherent listening ability. To hear us, make the decision to start right away.

Own this process. Tell yourself aloud or quietly you can speak with angels. Believe it with ”all of you”.

You have no limits in life. Believe this too please!

“Michael Ford” From the book “Listening to Angels”.

Well, the Angels work very hard to get your attention in this busy world with so much technology vying for it. They will place signs on your path, they will play songs on the radio, they will scream into your ears and will make you feel tense when something isn’t right for you.

The Angels speak to us through our clairs which are clairvoyance, clearaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance also known as clearseeing, clearhearing, clearfeeling and clearknowing.

There are several types of Angels.

Guardian Angels are assigned to a specific person at birth and stay with that person till s/he passes into the light.

The Archangels are the overseers of the Angels. They are the well-known Angels, like Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, for instance.

There is also an Angel for just about everything else. The names of the regular Angels aren’t as well known as the Archangels.

When asking for help, you do not need to know which Angel to call on.

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