Tarot Spell To Attract Good Luck

First of all what is Magick and its relationship to Tarot? In the words of Aleister Crowley: “Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity to Will.” “Every Act is a Magickal Act.”

This spell helps “set things up” around you.
It adjusts the flow of events so that things start happening in your favor, and the world begins being a better place for you to live. In doing this spell with a Tarot, you give a beneficient “push” to circumstance.
Cards Needed: The Star, The Wheel of Fortune, The World, Significator Card (of yourself)
This spell is a spell to charge a “good luck charm” most choose a coin to put the spell on put use what ever represents the kind of luck you are looking for (it could be a pen you are using to fill a job application out with).

Visualization is very important in most magic the will to empower your spells.

After meditation this is the chant:
“I call the powers of good fortune. Fortune smiles upon me. With all the high and mystical powers through whom fortune shines, fortune and luck are with me. All who are around me prosper. I become stronger and more lucky than ever before.”

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