The journey around the zodiac. The wheel of karma

The journey around the zodiac is the journey of incarnation into matter and onto the wheel of karma:
So, the Sun in Aries is working on assertion and on becoming centred around one’s Self – that eternal part of your being that incarnates again and again in its quest for spiritual growth. In the process, someone with the Sun in Aries often gets accused of being egocentric, selfish and self-absorbed. Rather than being self-centred, what Aries is trying to become ‘I’. This is the process of recognising and asserting the Self – a process that has to start with developing a strong ego and the sense of ‘Me’ that Aries expresses so well. When you have the Moon in Aries, you have already learnt how to be an individual who can assert him or herself and find ways of getting emotional needs met. Karmic issues associated with pioneering Aries are to do with aggression versus assertion, and with learning how to initiate and be spontaneous without trampling on too many people in the process. This sign carries the ‘knightly’ or chivalrous energy forward from the past. It is often associated with the warrior or the pioneer.

The Sun in Taurus is working on grounding the Self into the material world, on using
one’s resources and skills to make one’s mark. Pragmatic Taurus is all about being in a physical body and using the five senses to interact with the world – whilst recognising that there is a spiritual dimension. Someone with the Sun in security-orientated Taurus needs to find the certainty of the eternal Self rather than relying too heavily on material matters such as money or position. When you have the Moon in Taurus, you have already established yourself in the calm centre of the eternal self and found your security there.
Karmic issues to do with Taurus are security and values. Lessons revolve around materialism, sense perception and finding your place in the world. Taurus brings things into manifestation, this is the builder and hewer of stone, the tiller of the land and the husbander of animals. But, money-orientated Taurus is also the banker and the manufacturer from the past.
Gemini is the sign of communication. Having found one’s Self, the challenge is to
communicate that Self out to the waiting world. Gemini is very good at taking small, disparate pieces of information and making a great leap of intuition to reach a new truth.

Versatile Gemini is interested in everything and explores many avenues as the soul seeks to understand the world. With the Moon in Gemini, you know how to communicate your emotional needs but do not want to immerse yourself in those emotions. Karmic issues that affect Gemini are to do with truth versus deception. Silvery tongued Geminis can talk anyone into anything and may have much karma to reap because of this. Gemini has been associated with teaching and publishing, with ’spreading the word’ – and with inquisitions of all kinds. Witty Gemini is also the jester, the humorist and the player of bit parts.
In Cancer, the incarnating soul explores emotions and nurturing. This is the sign of motherhood and the home and family. Cancer is a deeply sensitive sign which may feel slighted or aggravated without due cause. This sign holds onto the past tenaciously and that past may well unconsciously colour the present, especially when it is the moody and possessive Moon that is placed here. The karmic challenge for this sign is to nurture and then let go; to support others, including one’s family, without becoming overly possessive; and to experience and understand the emotional dimensions of life. In Cancer, the Sun may well begin to recognise afresh a soul family from the past. In other lives Cancer has been associated with food and drink, with people’s welfare and wellbeing.
This is the universal ’social worker’ in any age, the homely cook or the master baker.

With the Sun in Leo, the soul is ready to make its mark on the world. This is a creative,
heart centred sign and the karmic lessons are concerned with power and creative expression of the spiritual energy. With the Moon in Leo you have claimed your power and know how to live from the heart but may need to avoid the emotional games that you have been caught up in the past. The challenge for Leo is to avoid being bombastic, arrogant – and bossy. Leo may well have been connected with the ‘dictator energy’ in the past, this is a sign that has ruled over many subjects and subjected many to its rules. On the lighter side, it is the born actor and the natural entertainer.

With the Sun in Virgo, the soul is learning about service and discrimination. This is the sign that sifts through to find the nub of the matter. With the Moon in Virgo you may have been caught up in the issue of celibacy versus sexuality. This Moon is the eternal perfectionist. The challenge is to avoid being over-critical and setting standards that are impossible to reach in the soul’s search for perfection. The karmic purpose of Virgo is to give disinterested service that comes from the heart. This is the good and faithful servant, the able administrator and steward, the cleaner and organiser of life. But Virgo is
also the craftsperson. Many of our most beautiful objects were made by a Virgo in a past life. With its strong connection with grain and the harvest, Virgo may well be the fieldhand, the mill-owner, the hay-maker – or the brewer of beer.

With the Sun in Libra the soul is ready to enter into relationship with another, with the Moon in Libra the soul has spent lifetimes working on relationship issues and sublimating one’s own needs in favour of the partner. The challenge is to avoid losing one’s self in that other. The karmic purpose is to find the inner balance and harmony that enables one to take one’s whole self into relationship. But Libra also has to create harmony and beauty all around. This is a sign that has strong connections with decision making but always sees the wider picture (which is why Libra can never make up its mind). Past life associations with Libra are diplomacy and negotiation, the marriage broker, the interior decorator and the courtesan.

By the time the Sun is in Scorpio the soul is ready to explore some very dark places indeed. When the Moon is in intense Scorpio it has gone through a great deal of trauma and drama but has learned how to survive. This is the sign of birth, death and rebirth – and the shadow side of humanity. This fearless sign goes into all the taboo areas of life.
Its karmic purpose is to find the insights there that will lead to its own and other’s healing.
The karmic test is mastery of power and the challenge is to avoid becoming embroiled in ‘power-over’ struggles with others. The past life connections are to do with alchemy,medicine and healing; with murder and policing, anything clandestine, and with the occult in all its manifestations.
Sagittarius is the sign of the zodiac that seeks the deeper meaning of life. With the Sun in free-spirited Sagittarius a soul will be on a quest for understanding. The challenge for Sagittarius is to keep this quest focussed and grounded. So often Sagittarius aims arrows it knows not where. The karmic key for this adventurous sign is the recognition that one has to live the questions before one can find answers. The Moon in Sagittarius is the courtesan’s moon, enjoying emotional encounters without commitment. Many of the past lives associated with Sagittarius come from its ruler, Jupiter. So, the priest, the philosopher, the teacher and the gambler are all manifestations of the Jupiterian urge to expand. So too is the explorer. Sagittarius has always been associated with horses so
these animals tend to play a large part in Sagittarian former-lives.

For Capricorn the challenge is to find the outer life stability and the inner spiritual authority that will enable the soul to participate in society without being overly restrained and held within the boundaries of that society. In Capricorn the Moon is cool and restricted, often fearing the emotions and not knowing how to share feelings. Capricorn is a sign that needs to reconnect to the soul’s wisdom and use that to become a wise mentor for humanity. An evolved Capricorn soul is as much at home in the spiritual realm as in the physical. The sea-goat (Capricorn’s symbol) is rooted in the instinctual, fluid realm of the unconscious (repository of humanity’s karmic inheritance) and can move between this and rational consciousness with ease. Capricorn lives tend to centre around authority and the establishment. So the captain of industry or commerce, the lawyer, judge, churchman, administrator, teacher, law-giver and keeper, and those in the higher echelons of power will have a strong Capricorn feel to their lives.

When a soul chooses to be born with the Sun in Aquarius, it is seeking revolution and
evolution. This humanitarian sign can see further than most and recognises that change is essential if the soul and society are to grow. The Moon placed in Aquarius is in a cold and lonely place, cut off from emotions and feelings and acting as the onlooker or the outcast. The karmic challenge for Aquarius to be free-thinking and innovative without destroying society in the process. The karmic purpose is to break out of the confines of the past in a way that benefits humanity. On the other hand, Aquarius can become stuck in some extraordinary ruts. A natural-born hippy, Aquarius is just as much at home with aliens as it is with humanity en masse but may find one to one encounters intimidating.
Past life scenarios include the revolutionary, the scientist, the humanist, the astrologer and Renaissance Man.

It is said that when the soul enters Pisces it is an opportunity to move off the eternal round of the karmic wheel. The karmic purpose of Pisces is to achieve enlightenment and at-one-ment. The tendency is towards atonement, however. The Moon is Pisces is intuitive, immensely sentimental and acts as the great escaper. The enormous challenge Pisces faces is in not simply finding a means of escape from the world (be it a bottle, an illusion, an ideal or a fantasy). Pisces is prone to slipping into saviour-victim-martyr scenarios. The delusion is that it can save the world (or even one other person). The reality then becomes victimhood or martyrdom. So, the soul with the Sun or Moon in Pisces must detach from the emotional undercurrents that can so easily trap it, and rise above these to become one with the overriding spirit from which it came. Past life scenarios can include carers of all types, those who have taken up the religious life,artists and poets, and, of course, saviours and martyrs. Pisces is the psychic sign and so witches and warlocks, especially those who have suffered for their arts, feature strongly in Piscean past lives.
The karmic light of the Moon
Everyone has the Moon placed in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Knowing where your Moon (or the South Node of the Moon) is keys you into your past – a very familiar territory. This is your inbuilt emotional patterning. You have been here many times before in your other lives. So your Moon sign is the instinctual approach you will take, especially on an emotional, feeling level. This can of course be very different from your more rational, Sun-sign approach to life. Although you will never grow out of your Moon sign, you are trying to evolve out of the automatic emotional reaction of the Moon (or South Node). To become more conscious of the choices and responses available to you rather than reacting blindly in the way you have done for lifetimes. So, for example, someone with the Moon in Aries will have been highly independent in the past whereas someone with the Moon in the opposite sign Libra will have been extremely dependent on a partner. Now according to the energies of the Sun-sign, they will be trying to move away from that old pattern and experience something new.

Extracted from: How astrology can help you understand your former lives. By Judy Hall

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