What is magick?

Magick is the art of shifting, changing, bending or turning nature. It is the sacred but fun act of moving energy. Anyone can do magick.

One of the most powerful aspects of magick is that of healing. When you do good magick it is as if you never did anything at all since the universe just “gives” to you what you asked for. When you heal you are shifting and changing a person on the most basic down to earth way you can on this planet. You are changing the person’s physical nature. The strongest magick on this planet is when you can move the physical nature of something.

Most Wiccans, Witches and Pagans practice spell craft. But mostly when people think of casting a spell nowadays they think of doing a love spell, an abundance spell, a spell for protection, and a spell for safe travel. Few people do spells for healing. The art of crafting a spell to bend or twist or turn nature to get a specific end is one of the most ancient of “the arts” on this planet.

There are many forms of magick. Most of the very ancient magickal workings for healings have been lost in the centuries of wars, changing of pagan pantheons, the burning of the Alexandrian library and the Christianizing of Europe. Some healing spells were handed down in the Grandmother fashion through the magickal family line but much was lost. However we do still know the basic principles of how magick works and so can always apply this to any spell for healing.

Spells, energetics and healing. An ancient magickal healing spell might go as follows:

Sickness and ill health
I say to thee
Flow into the iron and away from me
Begone, begone, begone from me
And as I say, So mote it be!
(Hold an iron nail when you say this and bury it in the ground with the top head exposed.)
And newer versions:
I wish I may, I wish I might
Cast this illness from my sight.
Pain and illness flow away
I Cast thee out into the Bay.
I cast thee out into the brook
I cast thee out into the stream
I cast thee out into the river
To flow far away into the Bay.
Flow away, far, far away
Into the brook, stream, river and Bay
That my body may be whole and in good health on this day.”

Lady Levanah

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