Why believe in Astrology?

At the moment of our birth, the movement of the celestial bodies (the planets) is sealed in a picture of the sky, almost like a still picture, a photograph, which becomes our inner self, i.e. the external circumstances will begin to match our inner attitudes, disposition and being. At the moment we drew our first breath, when the umbilical cord was cut, we have already materialized our soul in a material body. At that time the planets were positioned in a particular way, which will lay the foundation for the, so called, personal horoscope.
Astrology is all about you. You can read deep into your Zodiac sign and see what characteristics and tendencies your sign is known for. You can examine what signs are most compatible with yours in regards to relationships and love. You can delve into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscopes. Not every single horoscope will cater directly to what is happening in your life every time, but it can be used as a reference and a broad consult for what is transpiring in your life. Some people look at their horoscope every day, and some may take an occasional glance when they are reading the newspaper. Regardless, the shape-shifting of the cosmos is always at work, and your horoscope is a reflection of the influence it has on your life on earth.
Not only does astrology help us pinpoint our personality traits and characteristics, but reading your horoscope can provide you with information when life seems to be at a stand-still. Horoscopes can help you depict the most subjective affairs that are going on in your life. Whether you are experiencing great times and fortune, or you are going through dark, and tough times, your horoscope can provide solace when you don’t know where to turn. Life is about decisions, and keeping up with your astrological identity and horoscope can help your timing when making decisions. Just having a short read every once in awhile can help you benefit from the energy the cosmos are pushing towards you.
Reading your horoscope is intriguing and enlightening. You never really know what is in store for the time being.

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